It's National Young Readers Week!

1989 marked the inaugural year of National Young Readers Week. The week gives families and children across the nation two weeks to celebrate the importance of young children reading.

The week is always the second week of November.

Reading is a vital part of a child's development and confidence building.

Reading can be performed in so many ways; such as:

  • Your child reads aloud while you attentively listen.

  • Your child could read quietly or in his/her head.

  • Parent(s) can read to their child, while the little one listens.

  • Parent(s) can alternate reading pages with their child aloud.

  • The parent(s) can gather together and listen to an audio version of a book.

Reading is a time to have family fun! Mimic voices and sounds and get into character. When children hear words voiced in creative styles, it helps them build confidence and stimulates their mind!

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