Empowering Lives Through Care

Embark on a journey where, as a provider, you become a part of a movement that is redefining care and empowering the lives of families.

MyWoosah for Providers

At MyWoosah, we understand the pivotal role of care and wellness providers in supporting families and have created a platform that celebrates the worthiness and importance of the providers who hold America’s economy together in the area of outsourced parenting.
From caring childcare providers, dedicated nannies, early educators, and reliable care drivers, providers can match with families looking for part-time, full-time, or on-demand assistance in short- and long-term assignments.

The Problems Providers Face

Low Pay

80% of providers in the childcare space have quit their jobs and left the industry because of low pay.


87% of providers surveyed confessed to loving their jobs and also feeling burned out.

Provider to Child Ratio

Providers have complained about the disproportionate ratio in the daycare system.

MyWoosah Solutions

Higher Pay

MyWoosah offers providers 25% – 45%, more than the national average pay.

Flexible Schedules

MyWoosah providers make their own schedules to allow for flexibility and work-life balance.

Improved Ratios

MyWoosah caps its provider-to-child ratio at 1 (provider) to 3 (children) for single-family users.

Why MyWoosah

MyWoosah was created with Providers in mind. See why over 225,000+ Providers trust MyWoosah.

Higher pay and Job Security

MyWoosah values your dedication and expertise, and as a result, we offer higher pay compared to industry standards, and providers can achieve job security by taking on new assignments when another ends.


At MyWoosah, you work with the same family for every shift for the duration of the assignment.

Flexible Schedules

At MyWoosah, providers make their own schedules for more flexibility and work-life balance.


MyWoosah subsidized the benefits we offer for our providers to help them meet their health and financial needs.

How it works


Begin your journey by submitting your care provider application.


Once we receive your application, our caring team of recruiters will be in touch.

Review and Interview Your Matches

Review your family matches and interview with them to confirm that the ssignment fits your needs.

Schedule Services

Start scheduling services with your family by confirming schedule requests with families.

Your Impact Begins Here.