About us

Every Family Deserves a Breather

MyWoosah is a one-stop-shop outsourced parenting platform that leverages technology to match families with highly qualified care and wellness providers.

Empowering Working Parents with Corporate Partnerships

As a trusted partner of Corporate America, we provide innovative dependent care solutions for their employees, empowering working parents to achieve their personal and professional goals with peace of mind.


From traditional childcare to adult care MyWoosah has you covered!

Where Care Meets Technology

With our seamless, user-friendly platform, families can find the perfect match for their unique needs, whether it’s a nanny for the little ones, a compassionate companion for adult dependents, a tutor, or other care and wellness providers.
By leveraging the latest advancements in technology and adhering to the highest quality and safety standards, we’re setting a new standard for outsourced parenting services.

Our Vision & Mission

MyWoosah’s vision is to eradicate the stigma and guilt associated with outsourced parenting among working parents and busy families. We believe that parents should have access to the support they need to thrive in their careers and as caregivers without feeling guilty or judged.

Our mission is to match busy families with qualified providers that fulfill their outsourced needs as an extension of the parents themselves.

Join Our Mission

Join us at MyWoosah and be part of a game-changing movement transforming how families access care. Together, we can empower working parents, inspire positive change, and make a meaningful impact on the lives of families nationwide.