Flexible Schedules

Higher Pay & Benefits

Career Develpment

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Join our team of talented,

skilled nannies and

early childhood educators!

How We Stand Out

  • Consistency & Routine (Same family always)

  • Better Pay (25% Higher than the national average)

  • Incentive-Based Pay Raise (Pay increment tied to personal objectives)

  • Paid Holidays (Get paid during national holidays)

  • Personal Benefits (Medical & Dental Insurance)

  • Professional Development (Training, Career Tips, and more)

  • Stability (You’ll always have a job)

  • Commitment (We want you to win)

  • Professional Spotlight (Regional Nanny Awards)

  • Growth Opportunities (Leadership opportunities abound)

  • Low Turn-Over (Most assignments are long term)


At MyWoosah, we aim to create a world where working families never have to choose between their busy lives and quality care for their children. Building a community of super nannies who can support families to achieve it all is our objective. That is why we encourage you to share the gift of MyWoosah with your friends and colleagues by referring them. Every referral comes with $200 on your paycheck after the person you refer has worked for 90 days.

Refer a Colleague and earn $200!

How It Works

1. Interview with MyWoosah HR


To become a MyWoosah nanny, you have to undergo a rigorous screening process.


This process includes an in-person interview with the MyWoosah Human Resources team.

3. Interview with Families


Once we match you with a family, we will facilitate an interview between you and the parents. 

This interview is an opportunity for both parties to make sure there is a good fit.

2. Complete Your Paperwork


After a successful interview process, we will send your employment documentation for you to complete, sign, and return to us.

When we receive your paperwork, we will start matching you with families that fit your requirements

4. Download the App & Go.

At this stage, you are ready to get started. All you need to do is download the MyWoosah mobile app & go.


The mobile app will be your most prized asset for as long as you are employed by us. Make sure to view the how-to videos in case you have questions.

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