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About the MyWoosah Vision & Company

The company was founded based on a critical social agenda, that has gone untouched for many years. That agenda is the plight of working families in America.


With the rise of two working parents’ homes, most individuals especially mothers, have had to choose between pursuing career excellence and their children’s wellbeing.


The MyWoosah vision is to empower these moms and to return control over childcare to these families. We believe we can achieve that by leveraging technology to create a personalized experience for every family, so they can choose when, how, and where their children receive care. In so doing, we are providing them with the flexibility, consistency, and routine that their hectic schedules require.

Our mission focuses on the firm belief that we can empower families to reach limitless success in all areas of life. With MyWoosah, no mother would have to choose between personal success and her family.

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Contact: 844-Woosah1 (966-7241)