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At MyWoosah, we aim to create a world where working families never have to choose between their busy lives and quality care for their children. Building a community of super parents who can achieve it all is our objective. That is why we encourage you to share the gift of MyWoosah with your friends and colleagues by referring them. Every referral comes with $200 off your next month’s payment.


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1. Affordability

MyWoosah offers a ‘Pay as you go’ feature that allows our clients to budget their needs, so you only pay for what you use. The cost of our services translates to a fraction of what parents pay for traditional care facilities.

2. Ease

We also ensure that the stress of searching, interviewing, background checking, hiring, and consulting of skilled nannies is a thing of the past. We are taking that burden from you, so you can focus on what truly matters.

3. Consistency

Your family deserves consistency and routine, that’s why MyWoosah ensures that your nanny remains the same throughout. By pairing you up with two nannies (primary and backup), we ensure balance.

4. Control

MyWoosah’s personalized care solutions ensure improved work-life balance by returning control to the parents. With MyWoosah, you choose when, where, how, and who provides the quality care your children and home truly deserve.

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