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Get the personalized help

your family needs.


MyWoosah Child Care


MyWoosah is a personalized care solutions company that leverages proprietary technology to

match families with qualified nannies across the US.

About Us

MyWoosah's vision is to empower families and to return
control of care over to them. We believe we can

achieve this vision by leveraging technology to create

a personalized experience for every family,

so they can choose when, how, and where
they receive care.

By doing this, we are providing families with the
flexibility, consistency, and routine that their

hectic schedules require.

How It Works

Talk to a Specialist

To get started with MyWoosah, you need to talk to a MyWoosah childcare specialist.


During this call, we will identify your needs for the matching process.

Choose your Nanny

After the consultation call, we will send you the nanny profiles that matched your requirements.

​The goal is for you to review the matches and select the nanny or nannies you will like to meet for an interview.

Interview & Get Started

MyWoosah will facilitate the interview between you and your selected nanny or nannies.

After a successful interview, we will provide you the background check information for your chosen nanny, and then you can get started.


What MyWoosah Parents are Saying

"As a successful executive, I often have long work days; which means it is almost impossible to get my son to his favorite after school and weekend activities. However, with MyWoosah’s Ride Service, I can relax knowing that my son will never miss an event and I will never truly miss a moment because everything is recorded and forwarded to me.

Kim S.


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