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Flexible Schedules


As a MyWoosah nanny, you never have to worry about being stuck at that dreaded 9-5 job. Your schedule is customized based on the family's needs and your availability.

Improved Pay & Benefits


Most caregivers around the nation, earn on average between $8 and $11 per hour. Our nannies make between $14 t0 $17 per hour plus other performance-based incentives.


Our proprietary app has multiple useful features that help you manage your qualifications, communications with the families, as well as your ratings. If you have a smartphone and are tech-savvy, then the MyWoosah app is your go-to companion.


STEP    1

 Complete Interviews


To become a MyWoosah nanny, you have to undergo a rigorous screening process. This process includes three stages of interviews (with the family and MyWoosah Human Resources team) and intensive training.

STEP    2

Complete Background Check


After you have completed the hiring process, we perform an extensive background check on you. This is to ensure you have a safe and clean background (including motor vehicle record). All you need to do is complete some documents, and we'll do the rest.



 Download the App & Go



Our nannies use of our proprietary mobile application to deliver exceptional service. So, to receive assignments to MyWoosah client families, you must download the app and create your profile.


Lizzy, Houston based         Caregiver


For eight years I have worked at multiple early childhood facilities, and I must say I was never delighted. However, when I found MyWoosah, I knew they were not only dedicated to working families but also to their caregivers.

Tessie, Atlanta based         Caregiver


Tessie is a caregiver who prides herself in providing quality that helps achieve improved educational and social well-being for children. She is currently pursuing a bachelor's in nursing and intends to match her education with her desire to provide care for all those who need it.

Stacie, Philly based         Caregiver


Stacie has been an early childhood educator since 2009. Though she worked at one of Atlanta’s prominent daycares, she was not very satisfied. Her love for children made her decide to do more for children’s developmental needs, that’s why she became a MyWoosah caregiver.



  • Higher pay compared to traditional childcare facilities.


  • Customizable full and part-time schedules.


  • Total control over caregiver to child ratio (1:3).


  • Direct access to the parents to review and enhance developmental needs.


  • Increased recognition and appreciation from the parents and us.